all the peacemakers, visionaries, statesmen, women, senators, representatives, scientists, veterans, candidates - promoting justice, environmental harmony, and intellectual honesty
mobile update;  , 2018 - united states of america
thank you for informing the public,
showing our nation's young people,
and our nation's patriots, veterans and constitutional scholars and lawyers helping our country, protecting our system of justice, and watching carefully our election systems, holding accountable anyone, domestic or foreign, that causes harm to our nation's elections
thank you for showing the young people honesty, to care for our government, constitution, bill of rights and people,
speaking truthfully for positive change, the well being of our country,
and to care that a people's goverment and it's elected representatives stand up to injustice, environmental devastation, sickness and disease,
the american people will always stand united, on the right side of history and will not support or be divided by a national political party that engages in disenfranchisement of groups of people, vote suppression schemes, corrupt financing of campaigns, government shutdowns and irresponsible tax cuts, and the abuse of our institutions, our nation's environment, and people,
or entrust our nation's future with a national political party that puts greed and power before the health and well being of our country
a true national political party evolves for the betterment of society and respects the progress and social justice that was fought for all, and together with the people, continues the ongoing work to address important issues and solutions.

 what our country is now seeing and experiencing is truly amazing, as our nation's young people, caring and kind people all across our country, continue to mobilize for a better future for america,
 together with people, families, young and old, standing together to help inform the public and communities all across our nation,
more good people must be elected to the u.s. congress that will serve with honor and integrity, - and one that could very well be a person that could run for president or vice president of the united states in 2020.
thank you everyone informing the people, helping to unite our country, and speaking truthfully for positive change - and all the reasons why the united states of america is a great nation
all the caring people, young and old, standing united & peaceful, together helping eachother & neighbors, all across our nation, in every town, and every community, is every state, to make sure all are registered to vote
a just, healthy civil society and future
a true national political party also acts in good faith to promote and implement policies that improves national health, reduces gun violence, care of the environment, climate, children, families and healthcare
and in the year 2018, after all our country has been through, a true national political party would protect the elections, strengthen
civil rights and the voting rights act
good people must be elected in every state house, governorships, and the u.s. congress,
both the u.s. senate majority leader and the u.s. speaker of the house; the people's house, requires a person of honor that actually represents people and families of our great nation
a just, civil and healthy society and future,
together in massive numbers, -
protect the elections, the right to vote and the votes to be counted,
young people, families and future,
what our nation's patriots, veterans, elders, women, families, what generations fought for
 a just, civil and healthy society
thank you all what you have done, with true spirit for our country & world, for decades, the important work & progress, education, safe sustainable renewable energy, healthy communities, care of the environment, children & grandchildren, trust, human rights, dignity, wisdom, nutritious food, honor, understanding, respect, nature, care of climate, the earth, peace & non-violence, now
2018 farm bill & update - thank you for caring about the health and well being of our nation's farmers, people and communities

all the caring people helping our country and strengthening our institutions designed to protect our country, rights, health, voting, safety, protection of the environment, aquifers, lakes, rivers, oceans, wildlife, land, air, food and water
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice
and remembering all those before us,
 and every generation
our Nation's Patriots, Veterans, Citizens, Prosecutors, Lawyers, Senators, Representatives, Advocates for Ethics,
Civil and Voting Rights,
even long time republican families, veterans, advocates for human rights, families, health, women's rights, healthcare, social security, medicare, civil and voting rights
and environmental advocates that have worked to care for people and communities, - see what is happening to our country and continue to abandon this administration and their political party

  citizens, county election integrity officials, veterans, gold star families, intelligence officials, economists, people of all faiths, advocates for human rights & nonviolence, patriots loyal to the united states protecting the constitution, health and the environment - and former first ladies
- have all sounded the warnings
together young and old, every generation
a true representative of the people works to advance the basic ideals of our great nation; the public good. a true political party of the people, promotes and passes these ideals to the next generation, the young people. a true leader of a political party unites, advances, promotes the public good, respects these ideals, our country, our constitution
january 2018
for our country
caring elders of our country, in 2018 together show the young people how to care for our great nation; our government, constitution, bill of rights and people,
stand with young people their education, their health and future, and those strengthening and protecting social security, medicare, medicaid and health programs
 together & peaceful, help eachother & your neighbors, every town, every community, is every state, and to make sure all are registered to vote. all across our nation, together good people stand with you,
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice