mobile update - understanding and logic, a citizen who cares
about our country, the world, people and families of honor
 ((( july 12 )))
good people of the united states,
good people of the world,
 stand strong
you will know what is true,
 caring leaders people of peace faith
and freedom
do not lie divide hate or harm
stand strong good people,
there is now a pattern
here and in the world,
make no mistake
specific election systems have been compromised, under attack by corrupt foreign and domestic, and the ongoing crimes are being covered up by the trump administration
only veterans, representatives, senators, families of honor,
can bring the criminals to justice
Stand strong
real news organizations,
patriots, brave women, men of honor, veterans, patriotic citizens, families of honor, representatives, senators,
keep governing with honor,
Leaders, families of honor, representatives, senators loyal to the united states, holding this president, vice president and white house accountable
Patriots secure our elections
keep investigating
and informing the public,
all through history, dictators, autocrats, fascists, corrupt leaders can only gain power by corrupt means and can only keep power by dividing the public, they must be exposed for all the public to see who they really are, including the corrupt organizations and entities that are funding this corrupt president, vice president, majority senate leader, members, and in their corrupt media
this corrupt illegitimate president, vice president, white house and senate majority leader is now deliberately harming our country, our government, our institutions, healthcare, education, the environment, air and water,
all through history, profiteers and corrupt fascist politicians must be shamed, confronted and held accountable for abusing power, for the harming of democracy and civil democratic institutions,
all through history, autocrats, dictators and corrupt leaders, including those who rape and steal, think they are above the law, and not subject to justice - or any rule of law, they will lie, engage in extortion, bribe, use media to deceive, divide the public and resort to strong man fascist tactics, all to avoid justice,
this president, white house and senate majority leader and members are compromised and are now fully engaged in a criminal coverup
Tell the truth
it now appears the united states
national republican party is no longer
a civil political party of the people, of constitutional honor,
it does not even resemble america,
look at the their president, their media spokespeople, their house leaders, their senate majority leader, and their campaign donors, it is now run by profiteers, political criminals, racists, and extremists,
and they now own their own failure
they will use every tactic to cover up their crimes and abuse of power, they will always attempt to divide, including the political party holding them accountable, and also allies in the world,
but as history has shown, corrupt leaders, autocrats and dictators will be confronted by families of honor, patriots, veterans, patriotic citizens and real news organizations that stand with the side of justice
unite and honor real leaders
on the side of democracy and justice,
the real speaker of the house, real representatives and real senators working for justice
 the illegitimate president and white house is now fully engaged in a criminal coverup crime spree
shame this corrupt president, their corrupt leaders
and corrupt senate majority leader
a corrupt speaker of the house, a corrupt majority senate leader; are also in the same category of corrupt leaders, those who have promoted a corrupt agenda; the suppressing of voting rights, a trillion dollar tax cut scam, the harming of healthcare, medicare, social security, and regulations that affects the lives of millions of people,
The next logical step to help our country, to lead in the world, to help the planet, the united states must first, have fair and secure elections.
 Continue to elect real americans of honor, keep strengthening the u.s. house, elect a real senate majority leader, together with another thoughtful intelligent president, vice president, qualified cabinet members, and honorable attorney general.
a credible Political Party
of honorable Americans,
a real president, a real vice president, qualified cabinet members and attorney general,
not this lying fake illegitimate president tv mob family on a crime spree, of profiteers, bigots, fake men and women of faith, and traitors covering up crimes
Protectors of the constitution,
our elections,
the statue of liberty,
the first amendment, democracy,
the world, the planet,
 our great national treasures of honor
and of the world will not be divided,
Patriots, secure our elections
stand strong
together to inform,
together with the people
 together for what is true,
young and old and young together,
the gift of music,
see it through
 caring sons and daughters of the constitution, leadership, the american people, elected leaders, mothers and fathers, caring women and men, all people of honor, patriots, representatives, senators, veterans, all that stand up with honor to serve our country to inform the public,
there are not two sides
there is only the truth,
all the caring people who have dedicated their lives helping and trying to leave a better country and world for the next generations,
ready to stand up, millions of patriotic citizens and families that have dedicated their lives in honor to the constitution and with honesty for a better country and world
stand strong
and united with decency,
immigrants, refugees,
the american people,
business leaders of conscience,
tell the truth,
 the united states, is a great nation, when run by thoughtful presidents, leaders and qualified people that care about our institutions, united with all people for a greater calling, united with trust, economic and environmental decency, respect for voting and civil rights, the progress we have made as a nation,
- not when it is run by greed and political criminals who care only about their own wealth and power,
who abuse our constitution and abuse our government with the aid of corrupt foreign, corrupt corporate and corrupt domestic political criminals,
patriotic citizens, representatives, senators, our nation's patriots and veterans, the american people and good people worldwide have warned and spoken,
this president, vice president, this political party had control of the house and the senate for two years, their actions have already shown who they are, they do not care about healthcare, regular people, families, the poor, the middle class, or immigrants
hear the representatives, senators,
veterans and patriots,
read all the reports,
this president, the leader of the corrupt wealthy and their white house does not care about regular people or families, only themselves, the corrupt wealthy and their trillion dollar tax cuts,
this president and vice president was put in place for a reason, a small corrupt group is profiting and stealing, while destroying our institutions to serve their corrupt wealthy group,
this president and white house does not care about regular people or families, only themselves, the corrupt wealthy and their trillion dollar tax cuts, and they are using their corrupt wealth to fund media, organizations and groups to divide the american people,
a corrupt group tried this before in our history and
veterans and prosecutors and the american people stood up and they were held accountable
the founders built into the Constitution Article I, to make sure the peoples leaders and the the house of representatives, the peoples house, would change every two years to address corruption and protect our country from foreign and domestic abuse, fascists and tyranny
political criminals in power will use every tactic
to avoid accountability and justice, they will lie, create crisis, distract and divide, they will use national security, they will abandon treaties and agreements, they will underfund and give massive tax breaks to those who harm our institutions, peoples lives, our government, our country - all which is the definition of treason,
hold them accountable,
with the truth
 keep investigating
and exposing the liars, political criminals and profiteers,
the illegitimate corrupt white house,
their corrupt aligned senate majority leader, their corrupt house members,
and the corrupt previous speaker of the house who left the scene of the crime, with no accountability, should also be investigated,
they are corrupt and dishonest, they collude with corrupt foreign interests and their corrupt corporate lobbyists, their corrupt billionaire cabinet members are ruining our institutions, they block house bills, profit, abuse children, obstruct justice, steal elections, lie, use fascist tactics, ignoring of subpoenas, the breaking of laws, of our institutions and agencies, and make no mistake as citizens, representatives, our nation's patriots and veterans have already warned, with the aid of corrupt foreign, their corporate and domestic political criminals,
a corrupt funded organized mob and profiteers doing everything they can to avoid accountability, they have also infiltrated public and corporate media,
this organized mob is ruining our country, our institutions, using our government to profit, privatize and enrich themselves,
a criminal group that has no public support, only corrupt media, corrupt profiting interests, corrupt ceo's, and employees and spouses benefiting and profiting, with un-American voter suppression groups in select states, racists and bizarre groups, who should also be monitored for illegal and violent behavior, - the very reason why they have to pay corrupt groups and organizations to fill seats at rallies and use their corrupted media to lie and bribe
a true presidential candidate does not
obstruct justice, or have to pay or bribe citizens to fill an auditorium
an honest president loyal to the united states honors the oath to the constitution and does not lie, behave erratically or defensively, dishonor the constitution, the rule of law,
veterans, military families, citizens, representatives and senators, intelligence, or state department officials that serve with honor to uphold the oath to the constitution,
public hearings,
health economic accountability
peace stability
a corrupt speaker of the house, a corrupt majority senate leader; pathological liars, are also in the same category of corrupt leaders, those who have promoted a corrupt agenda; the suppressing of voting rights, a trillion dollar tax cut scam, the harming of social security, medicare and healthcare and regulations that affects the lives of millions of people,
protectors of the constitution
stand strong for democracy
stand with and hear our nation's
young people, women, working families,
the poor, sick and disabled,
Come on people now, get together,
all the people on the front lines,
communities, truckers, farmers, teachers, public advocates, the elderly, organizations,
all the people on the front lines,
employees of decency, environmental responsibility,
our precious native americans,
veterans of honor, intelligence,
all the people on the front lines
trying to help the united states,
the first amendment,
healthy communities,
unity, kindness
and knowledge,
through every state and community,
tour of america
for the land of the free,
roll through the thunder,
america needs a president and vice president that actually worked and works to serve our country to better people's lives, that actually understands what it is to be an american, ones that can govern, that stands with all americans, families and immigrants,
not a morally bankrupt con-man, a corrupt grifter family of inherited wealth using fascist tactics and a bigot ruining our country, with the most unpopular member of the U.S. Senate blocking u.s. house bills,
come on people now, get together.
honor real americans,
a true legitimate president, vice president
governs and unites our country,
not harms, disrespects or subvert the constitution, or the rule of law
It is our duty to help our country,
and needs all of us to stand up,
look at all that has happened in just two years,
come on people now, get together,
stand up to these liars and crooks,
they think they can just steal, bribe,
buy the media and senators,
obstruct, and lie to native americans, veterans,
families, the american people,
come on people now, get together,
stand up to this corrupt illegitimate group,
 elect a true legitimate president, vice president and senate majority leader that can govern and unite our country,
not harm, disrespect or subvert the constitution, or the rule of law
 The United States of America
Every state of the Union
remember the fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers, representatives, senators, and in the media, all that served and are serving our country and constitution with honor,
and never forget the veterans and world war II veterans that fought for peace and democracy, and those that are still trying to protect our elections from corrupt influence - foreign/domestic/corporate -
and make no mistake, from a corrupted white house and their corrupt media, which did not even exist during world war II
Thank you to our nation's patriots, and in congress and veterans that honor and serve the constitution, and those monitoring, alerting and informing the public
 Watch carefully to hold accountable this illegitimate corrupt president, their corrupt billionaire white house, their corrupt news media. As they continue to deceive, lie, divide and distract, this corrupt funded group is stealing, profiting and ruining the united states, health, climate, our institutions, our public lands, rivers, the environment, our future, our health care
Come on people now,
Who in britain, the uk, the world
 would support a corrupt profiting group or scheme to ruin their future, climate, health, environment, health care system?
Come on people now,
true leaders, patriots, families of honor, of truth, justice and integrity help to create stability, they speak and act with honor to unite our country, they do not deceive, distract, lie or divide,
families of honor do not make mockery of the rule of law, rights, the constitution or do damage to our system of justice, our great republic, the security of our nation,
healthcare, clean water infrastructure, education, health, the environment, land, rivers, lakes and oceans, air, climate
true real leaders of true character also help to unite and create stability in the world to address very serious issues, including sustainable environmental issues, climate, care of the future, care of the earth, diplomacy,
true leaders of trust and integrity in position of power, a president, vice president, cabinet members, the leaders of a political party, all that hold power, including a senate majority leader, are held to a higher standard,
true leaders that serve the people, also protect the principles of democracy, just as families of honor and federal prosecutors do,
true leaders speak and act with honor,
just as true patriots, families of honor speak and act to hold to account a president, vice president, an administration, cabinet members and advisors,
true responsible leaders are
accountable for their actions
a true credible legitimately elected president, vice president, executive branch is not afraid of hearings, oversight or accountability, and does not lie, mislead, deceive or obstruct to avoid accountability,
in this new century, true leaders and thoughtful advisors of a normal political party help to address very important issues, they do not create distractions or media divisions to avoid accountability, nor would true leaders divide the public or attempt to normalize unaccountability, extremism, racism, anti immigration rhetoric, white nationalism, authoritarianism, bizarre religious behavior, fascism, corporate corruption greed and unaccountability
all the families of honor, all the caring visionaries, great communicators of true spirit, kind people of goodwill and decency, together thank you for all you do to unite,
with help for our country and the world
to teach what is true,
unity and for the health and well being
of every community,
true leaders always put people, human dignity, health and care of the environment, civil and voting rights first, and together inform the people what is true,
educated people of good will understand and know the difference between true leaders, advocates for the public and reporters and journalists that inform the people -- and a group of dishonest radio and tv commentators, distracting mockery, bad actors, liars and profiteers posing as leaders or a president
True Leaders
stand with the People,
 and always stand on the side of justice,
true leaders, statesmen and women, representatives, senators, loyal to the united states stand together with all people, and working families, they stand together for great american ideas, and always stands with respect for the constitution, checks and balances, the principles of democracy, liberty and justice
an honest moral president, vice president and administration does not abuse their power, enact harmful tax cuts, shutdown our government, use their position of power to enrich themselves, cabinet members, political appointees and others, and then defund critical programs that affect communities, harm our institutions or the health and well being of people and families, including those who are suffering with illness, life threatening disease, sickness, birth defects, leukemia and cancer,
true leaders speak from the heart and propose policies that improves people's lives, they help communities to reduce poverty, hunger, homelessness and gun violence, true leaders work to improve healthcare and has compassion for people and families, true leaders stand with the people and work to enact policies and budgets that help society, they do not cut critical programs that will harm people and communities, healthcare, medicaid, medicare or social security. true leaders do not turn their backs on people, families, the sick and poor, or enact policies or executive orders that harms health, ecosystems, the environment, climate
true leaders unite our country and people
with a positive vision and common purpose,
they do not use tv, radio or social media to
lie, harm, create fear, or divide groups of people.
they stand together with millions
of people, young and old,
thank you to our nation's patriots, families of honor
protecting security, the constitution of the united states, health, safety, the environment, climate, the well being of all people, including the humane treatment of refugees and immigrant families,
thank you for informing
and standing with the people,
families of truth and honor, elected leaders, house of representatives, and leaders in the u.s. senate together, all that are serving with honor and integrity, in good faith standing together with and for the people, for the future of america and democracy

special thank you, all the caring families,
teachers, musicians and artists
what you have taught in our lifetime
to never stop caring, what is true; for the young people, the world,all living things, help, humanity, empathy, morality, human kindness, love and understanding, healthy communities, healthcare, support and compassion, education, to care for what is true, wisdom, healthy food, soil, precious farmland, stewardship, sustainability, care of climate, science, to care for what is true, to care for the environment, the creation of millions of jobs, the advancement of safe clean energy, to care for what is true, sustainability, care for the future, help for our country's young people, to care for what is true, families and communities to be free of gun violence, for safety, courage, to care and make a difference, to care for what is true, for the people, a better country and world

  , 2019 - united states of america
logic and understanding
the task of the american people,
east west central north and south,
as all through history,
the good american people, young and old,
 together with families of honor and of justice,
will lead the way
 citizens, elected leaders, representatives, senators, our nation's patriots, prosecutors, investigators, states attorney generals, constitutional lawyers, candidates, all that serve our country with integrity and honor,
all that honor and respect the guiding principle of the constitution,
justice, the pursuit of justice
in our nation's newspapers, on radio, on tv and in social media,
the constitution that has guided and protected the united states for over two hundred years,
there is not two sides,
there is only one side, the truth
honor true legacys', all who stand up and fight for great american ideas, all who fought to protect generations, education, health, healthcare, social security, medicare, to protect clean air, water, land, soil, food, drinking water, aquifers, lakes, rivers, endangered spieces, to protect our country and the world, care of the climate, environment social and economic, safe communities,
civil and voting rights
prepare for the historic mobilization the uniting of millions of americans, young and old, the good people and families of the united states,
east west central north and south,
 the american people, including the good people of texas and the southern states, that stand together with true leaders,
for our nation's young people's future,
honor true legacy's,
great americans, leaders, senators, representatives, humanitarians, veterans and citizens, that stood up to serve our country with integrity and honor, policies and legislation that made a difference for all, the health, security and well being of our nation, including the true american patriots, representatives that hold accountable the harmful policies and actions of an illegitimate president, vice president and administration.
all through history, senators, representatives, our nation's patriots, veterans, citizens, people of the united states will stand together,
to honor what america stands for,
For The People, the United States
normal american politicians, leaders govern,
promote stability for our country, in good faith they represent, stand with and together and for the people,
elected leaders and in the u.s. senate together with the u.s. house of representatives, true elected presidents and vice presidents do not harm, they uphold their oath to the the united states constitution.
and our nation's federal workers, the american people, constitutional scholars, humanitarians, and our nation's veterans, members of our military, agencies who are trained to monitor, warn and protect our country, ecosystems, the environment, clean water systems, lakes, rivers, oceans,
true leaders always stand with the principles of democracy, they promote stability for our country and people, they help to improve, they do not harm,
representatives, senators, leaders
loyal to the united states
together with the people,
the u.s. constitution and protect it
Stand United and Together America
all the caring american people and families standing together with our nation's young people,
to help the united states, voting rights, civil rights, health, climate, our nation's environment, our nation's patriot's, our constitution, rule of law, checks and balances defending our country. all that are loyal to the united states, young and old, helping our country and communities,
together good people stand with you,

the united states of america was already a great country, and a great country and it's people deserve an honest president and vice president,
true leaders act in good faith to promote stability for our country, and care about the health of all people, they help to improve, not harm or take away families and children's healthcare, just as true leaders advocate for better health for all, they protect healthcare, medicare, medicaid and social security,
true leaders always stand with the young people and families to help prevent gun violence, and stand together with common sense for safe communities,
true leaders promote innovation, great american ideas, including the advancement of safe renewable energy, to help improve, not harm the climate, they protect the environment to help prevent harm to ecosystems, lives, species, health and food,
true leaders always respect human rights and help people suffering, fleeing danger or violence
true leaders promote solutions and lead by example to help to prevent environmental devastation, conflict and nuclear danger in our country and the world
  true leaders stand with the principles of democracy, they promote stability for our country and people, they help to improve, they do not harm,
a true political party, respects
civil rights and voting rights,
law and civics

thank you to our nation's patriots, veterans, representatives and senators, federal workers,
protecting health, safety, security, the well being of all people, the constitution of the united states
the patriotic duty to serve our country,
the rule of law
the constitution of the united states,
checks and balances,
our system of justice,
support intelectual honesty, all who inform the public, including families, veterans who analyze what has happened. support all those who care about real issues that affect people and communities, all that care what is happening to the united states, public health and the environment. hear all good people monitoring what is happening to the united states and in the world
Stand United and Together America
all the caring american people and families standing together to help the united states, voting rights, civil rights, health, climate, our nation's environment, our nation's patriot's, our constitution, rule of law, checks and balances defending our country. all that are loyal to the united states, young and old, helping our country and communities,
together good people stand with you