mobile update;  , 2018 - united states of america
the united states of america was already a great country, and every great country and it's people deserve a respected thoughtful and qualified
president and vice president with honest values.
people of good will, patriots, senators, representatives, caring women, never stop teaching and showing the young people leadership, care for humanity, education, nutrition, health, thoughtful climate and environmental policy, intellectual honesty, wage growth, reduction of poverty, the advancement of new safe green technology and education, millions of jobs for the new century,
the country and world, a better place,
never stop and trying to save it,
and the earth the natural world, there's only one,
and better healthy states, much like a healthy country, of respected representatives and senators, also requires secretary of states of integrity, and free and fair elections, ..the health of the united states - wisconsin - michigan - north carolina - georgia - north dakota - ohio - florida ....the united states
the election interference, violation of election and campaign laws, cheating, voter suppression, fraud against the american people - wrong and immoral
thank you all the great uniting communicators, visionaries, caring educators, humanitarians, people of goodwill and intellectual honesty, helping
and the true elected representatives & senators of and for the people that inform the public,
the public interest, human rights, health, care of the climate, the environment, innovation, the advancement of sustainable safe renewable energy, healthy communities, voting rights, public health, ((climate, soil, food, air, water, land, forests, rivers, aquifers, lakes, oceans, fisheries, wildlife, canaries))
the united states, where we were taught to care about our country and the world, to help others, and to always speak when something is wrong
  , 2018
honest moral leaders do not lie and divide the american people, endanger people's lives, attack the free press, and not protect health, climate and the environment,
the united states, where people lost their lives serving to protect this country and for the right to vote to be counted
all through history, veterans, citizens, patriots,
will stand together, every election
true patriots help the country and the world, they do not sell out their principles, they stand for the good side of history, and stand together with the people
young people, women, men, peacemakers, veterans, families, elders, leaders of health, safety, intellectual honesty, environmental scorecards, climate, ecosystems, the future
the women and men majority leaders of the people's house, the u.s. house of representatives,
where the people's voice will be heard,
the american people, veterans, patriots, constitutional scholars, journalists, candidates and those in the house and senate
informing the public, protecting our constitution, the rule of law,
health, the environment, checks and balances,

ELECTION 2018 - 2020
true leaders act in good faith to promote a positive vision for our country and position america for a better future,
true leaders care about the health of all people, they help to improve, not harm or take away families and children's healthcare, just as true leaders advocate for better health for all, they protect healthcare, medicaid, medicare and social security,
true leaders always stand with the young people and families to help prevent gun violence, and stand together with common sense for safe communities,
true leaders promote innovation, great american ideas, the advancement of safe renewable energy, to help improve, not harm the climate, they protect the environment to help prevent harm to ecosystems, lives, species, health and food,
true leaders always respect human rights and help people suffering, fleeing danger or violence
true leaders promote peaceful solutions and lead by example to help to prevent environmental devastation, conflict and nuclear danger in our country and the world
together & peaceful, help eachother & your neighbors, every town, every community, is every state, and to make sure all are ready to vote, together caring people in your community and across the country stand together, for health and a better future
the caring american people young and old, candidates, peacemakers, veterans, visionaries, women, statesmen, senators & representatives, all the good people protecting the voting rights act, east west central north & south, all people - promoting common ground, health, justice, voting rights, environmental harmony, and intellectual honesty
thank you to the patriots and caring people helping any community that experiences voting problems, voter registration disenfranchisement, or voter suppression in any state
and holding accountable any person or politician that endangers people's lives, incites harm against fellow americans, the media, journalists, immigrants or refugees
thank you for showing the young people and dreamers; human dignity, decency,
care of our government,
our constitution, bill of rights and people,
health, care of the environment, human rights,
compassion and support
all people, together thank you for what you have done with true spirit for our country and world, for decades, the important work & progress, education, health, decency, human rights, dignity, goodwill, to care for the environment, healthy communities, nutritious food, families, honor, understanding, peaceful solutions, unity, wisdom, compassion, honesty, respect, trust, harmony, knowledge, a civil society, to never stop caring, our country and the world, the earth and future
2018 farm bill & update - the health and well being of our nation's farmers, people and communities

january 2018
caring elders of our country and for decency, thank you for standing with the young people, to care for our  government, constitution, bill of rights and people, to care for our great nation,
health, education, and future, those expanding and protecting healthcare programs, medicare, medicaid and social security.
together & peaceful, help eachother & your neighbors, every town, every community, is every state, and to make sure all are registered to vote. all across our country, together good people stand with you,
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union

november 2018
true leaders always stand up for what is right, they do not incite people with harmful language, label and divide people, or show disrespect to groups of people,
true leaders always respect human rights, stand with the public, to improve, not harm healthcare, true leaders stand with the young people and families to help prevent gun violence, and help the environment and climate that affects the health of people, and is causing billions of dollars of damage to our country and the world,
true leaders of the people do not implement policies and legislation that benefits themselves, a small group of special interests, or defund programs that protect human rights, the environment, and then uses mass media to divide and lie to people about their policies, and broadcast dishonesty, bigotry and hate,
true leaders and representatives speak truthfully for the well being of all people, our moral programs and institutions, voting rights, civil rights, environmental and climate health, and expands, not harms healthcare, coverage of pre-existing conditions, medicare and medicaid, social security, the health and dignity of all,
thank you to the caring patriots, veterans, scholars, lawyers, and those in the house and senate informing the american people