For our Country and fellow Americans - The Sacred Oaths of the United States - Order 3915-2017 - H. Res. 24 - H. Res. 755 - H. Res. 755 - Jan 6 Commission - Dept of Justice

Godspeed Families of Truth and Honesty, Grand Jurys
True Families of Honor Loyal to the United States.

Now is the time for all to come to the aid of our Country. It is very clear trump and members of his party are a danger to the republic, criminally dishonest manipulative and lawless, without conscious. Their actions and policies are destructive and dangerous, a threat to the rule of law, health, safety, economic stability and security. Unfit to govern, they have destroyed the constitutional leadership principles of the republican party.
Including their state governors, led by Florida and Texas, who have also put health, rights and the safety of their own citizens and communities at risk, ignoring public policy professionals, womens health experts, public health officials, and gun safety professionals, law enforcement and military officials.
Hold close all protecting the United States. Corrupt members of the supreme court and multiple republican governors have conspired to subvert the Voting Rights Act, and with corrupt organizations, which has now led to endangering womens health, public safety, education, public health and the safety of children, with lax gun laws and the allowing of dangerous assault rifles in society crossing state borders. This is now the legacy of the republican supreme court and their governors.

Hold close and united all protecting the United States.
Godspeed all of Americas Families of Honor
The Sacred Oaths of the United States
Honor - Dignity - Truth - Trust - Integrity - Honesty - Now Constitutional Duty and Honor

With great respect for our Country,
our institutions, the Constitution.
To faithfully execute the Laws of the United States.
All the caring people our nation has known.
Every generation. Will know and remember all the great Americans and Families of Honor. The debt of gratitude with which we all owe to our beloved Country.

The American People
democratic republican and independent,
caring Americans young and old, united with the truth in 2018, 2020, 2022 and continue to unite to help our Country, the World.
We the People of the United States
The Constitution, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Democracy here and abroad.
United with Honor.

President Biden Vice President Harris
United For the People with Honor
Leaders & Representatives Senators
COVID Updates - The American Rescue Plan - public health, healthcare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security - Infrastructure - Gun Safety - Education - Reduction of Poverty - CHIPS & Science Act - Veterans Health PACT - SNAP benefits - Support for Ukraine - Democracy - Womens Reproductive Rights - The Strengthening of all Healthcare - Support for all Communities - Inflation Reduction Act - lower healthcare costs for seniors, families, clean energy jobs, care of the climate - Food Nutrition and Health - National Security
Trust Honesty Health Honor Safety Security Democracy
Jan 6 Commission - Health and Security - Veterans of Truth and Honor
protecting our Country and People

All of Americas families of honor, leaders and all the legislation that has saved our Country and millions of Americans. Thank you for protecting our Country and people.
The Rule of Law.
Truth Health Honor Respect Trust
To faithfully execute the laws
of the United States.

Godspeed the good American People
Decency, Voting Rights, continued economic recovery, stability, education, Healthcare, Medicaid, Seniors, Social Security Medicare, safety, Womens rights healthcare, Public Health, Public Safety, Free & Fair Elections

Godspeed all Americans Young and Old

Hold close all sacred oaths to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. All the warnings and guarantees in the Constitution, that was established and anticipated.
Make no mistake. The same groups that supported the attack on the Capitol to overturn the election are still influencing republican policies in Congress and state legislatures. - Prepare every voting rights organization and every Voting Rights Act law firm across the Country now.

Americas trusted news sources
Public Service and Business leaders,
True American Families of Honor

With great respect, thank you for your important vital work to inform the public,
protect American Democracy,
ethical news media standards
and the truth
to help the young people hold accountable the insurrectionist seditious cruel fascist
constitutionally dishonorable
trump pence desantis abbott party, and their corrupt vote suppressing gerrymandered state legislatures and governors.

The American People are not Divided.

Trump and members of his party also committed multiple crimes, including premeditated fraud and conspiracy. They also compromised the response to COVID endangering millions of American families.
The Health & Safety of the United States

Caring informed republican families continue to abandon their own party.
Members of the trump pence party no longer represents the health and safety of their own constituents. Their leaders, representatives and senators in Congress even voted against the American Rescue Plan, vital national public health safety measures and the life saving vaccine rollout,
and then just weeks later, as millions of Americans were getting through Covid, thousands still sick and dying, republican governors, including Florida, Texas and Georgia, cut off rescue funds for their own workers who were protecting high covid risk family members and loved ones.

Republican families of honor of health freedom and democracy continue to abandon their own party. The party does not even support or represent the interests of its own constituents.
The elderly, working people, families and students, education, support for lowering costs, child care, or support for healthcare for women, families or the elderly. Many of their state governors policies have also put the health and safety of their own citizens at risk, ignoring public policy experts and recommendations, including womens health experts, public health officials, military and law enforcement officials and gun safety advocates.

The American People and Veterans
democratic republican and independent
are uniting to stop the trump pence party from further harming our Country.

Leaders of a true American party respects established precedent, protects the rule of law, the American work force, health and progress. True leaders, statesmen, governors, legislators of good will and foresight support policies to promote economic security, equality freedom and justice, our respected civil and voting rights laws, and of health and security, public safety, science, climate, clean energy technology, environmental health and progress.
The Health & Security of the United States
The patriotic duty to safeguard the health and future of our country and world.
Godspeed the American People,
Americans of Honor,
Protecting Democracy
Americas trusted Newspapers, Mainstream Reporters, Radio local and national,
with great respect for the oaths that so many have taken, republican and democratic. To speak truthfully, to respect precedent, the rights and the progress that generations of Americans have made.
It is now very clear trump was in office to divide destabilize and harm the United States, using the same tactics that far right extremists, dictators and putin use.

It is a great service what the Jan 6 Commission has done for our Country and Constitution.
The premeditated actions intent of trump are now known and documented, just as the Mueller report and the impeachments.
True families of honor, qualified representatives senators governors, respected American leaders faithfully execute the laws of the Constitution.
The sacred oaths of the United States.
True Americans leaders and families of honor respect years of precedent and do not endanger safety, families, health and security or promote disinformation during a deadly public health crisis. Nor do they mock the rule of law, plot to obstruct justice, ignore subpoenas, illegally seize power or incite violence.
It is now very clear trump is a danger to the republic, criminally manipulative and his actions now are premeditated to shield himself and others from ongoing official investigations of crimes committed against
the United States.
Republican families of honor, of democracy health and freedom continue to abandon the trump pence party in every state.