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COVID Safety Updates
Now is the time for all Americans to come to the aid of our Country.
American families of honor protecting the American people and factual truthful mainstream news reporters that understand the oath to the Constitution, our institutions of Justice the rule of Law
The Sacred Oaths of the United States

Godspeed Families of public service, of Justice and Honor, all of Americas institutions, President Biden  Vice President Harris, Representatives, the United States Senate, all of Americas Veterans working to protect the American people,

That under these colors of red, white, and blue - the health rights and freedoms that generations of men and women of this American democracy fought for - will be defended and protected.

President Biden  Vice President Harris
families of Honor of Service of Health and Justice
and in Congress, everything they can to guide
and support our Country, veterans, the American people,
Pandemic recovery, economic recovery, record level job growth and new businesses formed, gas prices down,
markets and economy growth stable. Leadership, and to rebuild trust in the world.
The American People are a good people
United together with the Truth.
Decent, caring informed republicans in every state continue to abandon their party,
to protect the Republic American democracy, climate, jobs, the health and well being of families, children, women, veterans and seniors of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. The importance of health, education, civics, technology, climate, science and public health.
The American People are United with the Truth.
The peace and security of the United States

The Sacred Oaths of the United States
The United States Senate
US House of Representatives
January 6th Hearings
U.S House Oversight - Judiciary
Covid Health and Security - The Constitution
Nothing but the Truth
Truth and Honor
Godspeed all of Americas Families of Honor, all of Americas Veterans, the American people, Constitutional Honor
trump, extremists, connected organizations, their donors and related candidates and those running for Secretary of States and Election Overseeer positions are a threat to national security, election workers and election security.
Now is the time for all Americans to come to the aid of our Country.

From U.S. News Reports
Established Newspapers local state national, radio
MSNBC - CNN - NPR - PBS - ABC est. 1945 - CBS est. 1927 - NBC est. 1926

Multiple official hearings, investigations and reports to date has established that trump, co-conspirators, members of congress and state legislatures, connected organizations, supreme court groups and members are being investigated for crimes against the United States, the U.S Capital, elected officials, law enforcement, state election officials, and election workers, they are responsible for inciting violence, the rise of radicalized groups, dangerous extremists, gun violence, threats to the peace and security of the United States.

Organized and premeditated, they are a clear danger to our Country, endangering decades of republican and democratic protections, inspectors generals oversight and policies in place designed to protect the health and security of the United States. That no group or individuals personal ambition or personal belief is placed ahead of laws and the Constitution that they are tasked to protect. That includes members of congress, members of state legislatures, guests to the White House, Supreme Court advocacy groups and extremist national policy organizations that publicly organized events promoting disinformation to overturn the 2020 election.

A clear danger to our Country, states and people, they are operating much like a dangerous domestic movement, organized and premeditated, endangering the rights of citizens, families, women and girls in states, endangering healthcare, family health, reproductive health, public safety, climate security and environmental health. -- Having previously endangered public health policies, with inaction and disinformation during the deadly pandemic that traumatized millions of American families, endangering public health in states, the elderly, working families, children, students, endangering safety protocols, communities, schools, businesses, and transportation hubs.

The trump/pence party, is a danger to national security, a threat to our Country and to our elections, criminally unfit to govern. While pence could personally provide more information to the public of what he knows, he politically distances himself from the perfidious failed damaged party, as trump continues to be criminally manipulative deceptive and premeditated, as he continues to evade accountability and Justice. Years of investigations, the Mueller report, congressional hearings, official news reports and now the January 6 hearings have established what is the most serious crime in Presidential history.

Those that have come forward to testify under oath in public to provide information will be commended. And those who do not, any involved administration official. senator, representative, state official, will be considered supportive of this criminal behavior, and are part of it. Including the organized premeditated votes of the trump/pence members in congress to not certify the election, and the ongoing obstructionists in Congress subverting the Constitution, the crucial work and legislation needed to help and protect our Country and people.
Godspeed our President and Vice President
men and women
of Honor Health and Justice
to guide and protect the United States,

We the People of the United States,
in Order to form a more perfect Union,
establish Justice
Americans of Honor
Representatives Veterans
The American People
This is your time
Godspeed all of Americas institutions and the instruments of our American constitutional democracy, all acting in good faith, of values and of principles, loyal to the peace and security of the United States.
Truth and Honor - Trust and Honor - Constitutional Honor - Duty and Honor
Godspeed Decency - Respect - Honor - Truth - Courage
The Oath The Constitution - Veterans - Families of Honor
The United States of America
  The Sacred Oath of Office
President Biden  Vice President Harris
The United States Senate
U.S House Oversight
Health and Security - The Rule of Law
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act of 2021
The American Rescue Act of 2021
The Health of the United States
National Risk Management
 The United States Constitution
  As the U.S. Constitution intended,
The sacred oaths of office, legislation,
congressional hearings, public hearings,
True American Leadership
President Biden  Vice President Harris
White House staff  and updates
The Health of the United States
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act of 2021
The American Rescue Act of 2021
 US Senate, Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi,
US House of Representatives
Covid Health and Security - The Rule of Law
Department of Justice
The State Department
Americans are United
Republican voters, their families, veterans and the elderly also voted for President Biden,
Vice President Harris,
democratic house leadership
and democratic senate leadership,
to help our country.
unemployment rate 3.6%, 7.9m jobs created, deficit down, 5.7% GDP growth, record new businesses formed, wages up, millions more health insured,
over 217 million Americans vaccinated,
every community state local rural city,
 No new taxes on any american and family
making less than $400,000
To remember that America has always evolved with the concept of good will and enlightenment, the idea that society together will always move forward with truth, facts, health, justice, trust,
true leadership.
A true political party, under oath to govern under the US Constitution, proposes ongoing legislation and policies for the betterment of our country, all people,
And always during a catastrophic health emergency, a traumatic crisis
and future anticipated crisis.
True legislative leadership together with the democratic programs already in place for decades, also prevented millions of unemployed republican families in every state, to be saved from poverty and health disaster during the pandemic, including the elderly, of social security, medicare, medicaid and
True leaders, representatives and senators of true intention, foresight, and good judgement acts with values and of principle as intended in the preamble of the Constitution of the United States,
and does not obstruct needed legislation,
conspire or sabotage legislation,
or obstruct to purposely harm
The American People
democratic republican and independent
overwhelmingly support President Biden's recovery plan and legislative agenda, families of honor, cabinet members and the supportive legislative leaders, representatives and senators in Congress.
Republican voters and their families
continue to abandon failed American leadership of the trump/mcconnell/mccarthy political party, their lying media actors, all their despicable politicians, organizations, their radio and tv propaganda, ads and sponsors.
the corrupted governors, senators, representatives, the corrupted supreme court justices that are deliberately harming our country and people,
educationally, socially, economically,
health and medically, including republican women
- They do not represent the United States
or the American People
   Through the pandemic, true American leadership and legislation has kept our country strong. Together with the policies of our ancestors in place since the Great Depression, again has helped every state, millions of working families, social security seniors, veterans, families and children all through the disaster. With public health programs established in our country, 81% > 5yrs old now have vaccine protection to prevent death and serious illness. Together with medical professionals, health agencies,
more people were informed to protect their families if they listened to NPR, and were viewers of public health content
Godspeed the Free World The Truth
providing support and humanitarian aid for Ukraine
and all the educators, families of Honor, and public health professionals helping through the pandemic. To hold close the dreams of all the caring ancestors all the love you have, leaders all, of non aggression protecting all people, populations, climate, economies, the World.
The American people are United
Loyal to the peace and security
of the United States and for the World.
Godspeed all the Families of Honor
To safeguard the health and future
of our country and world
All the great american legislators and leadership that has
kept our country safe strong and
through a deadly global pandemic.
For the young people
and to never stop teaching
health, innovation, science,
technology, safety and the legislation
that can help our country and the world.
to never stop working
for a Safe Healthy Future
 Godspeed People of Health and Honor
Every deadly pandemic, to follow the science, the data,
virus and variant transmission rates,
Federal State and Local
protect and inform the people,
safety guidelines, masks and vaccines have saved lives
in addition to all the public health agencies working to safely guide people and families through the pandemic,
people also need to know the media companies and platforms that are also guiding families, and all cultures safely through the global pandemic. To know who is speaking thoughtfully, without harm or division, and working honestly to solve the pandemic,
on all media platforms,
radio, tv, and social media.
Thank you all the heroes on the front lines working every day to save lives and care for families through the pandemic. In our country and the world, all the true medical and science professionals, educators, journalists, media companies, elected representatives, all,
who would never undermine public health and safety protocols, during a pandemic that has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of americans and millions worldwide.
The United States  The World
just as our ancestors cared,
families of health and honor, hospital and public health professionals,
vaccines and masks are saving our lives.
children and young people
fathers, grandfathers
mothers, grandmothers
great grandparents
Godspeed all the Families of Honor
guiding and protecting our Country.
The patriotic duty of everyone to help safeguard the health and future of our country and world
Multiple generations are coming together to care for the institutions being passed on to the new generation. With great respect for public health world health and education. Caring men and women, of Congress,
in every state and local.
 MSNBC est. 1996 / NPR est. 1970 / CNN est. 1980
NBC est. 1926 / CBS est. 1927 / ABC est. 1943

Truth and Honor

The Constitution of the United States
Section2 . . with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.
The guarantee clause in the Constitution established that the United States would protect each state, and that the people were sovereign. The guarantee clause was established, as anticipated, that some states could be corrupted and in the wrong hands. Disloyal wrong hands unfit to govern, that the good American people will see, that now can be traced to trump, his party members, their organizations and its corrupted members of the Supreme Court.